The Long Tail of Coworking - The Rise of Bespoke Coworking as the industry matures

It seems there are a never ending and rapidly accelerating stream of Coworking spaces these days. As the Coworking industry matures, the proliferation of spaces is being accompanied by a diversification of spaces. Free Wifi, cool vibes and Fantastic Coffee are all just table stakes now. There are a bewildering variety of shared workspaces that cater to just as bewildering a variety of tastes.

Just recently, I came across a Coworking space in Barcelona that is in a Marina and is actually ON the water. Check out the photos from this place! One Co Work. That looks like a hell of a place to work from if you ever find yourself in Barcelona. I realize I may be more attuned to this trend than most people but how about Brooklyn Boulders, the climbing gym that doubles as a Coworking space. Are you kidding me? How do you top such awesomeness? Or, more importantly, how do you get any work done?

With these types of combinations, Coworking continues it's integration into our way of living and working. I mean, it ain't diminishing it's just becoming more ingrained. Many new Coworking spaces imagine working and playing (and now living) all becoming one. Case in point Outsite. With notable locations in no way limited to Santiago, Austin, Oahu, Bali, Lisbon. Digital nomads can now live and work themselves around the globe with magnificent ease.

Another trend taking hold is the rise of Female only Coworking spaces. This trend within a trend is really gaining ground. This makes sense. We live in the #metoo era after all. Having seen enough Coworking spaces that resemble a Frat house, this must be a very, very welcome addition for female entrepreneurs. Places like The Wing or Hera Hub look like they're right out of the pages of Architectural Digest and they probably smell just as fantastic!

We've now got Coworking spaces that are Child-Friendly, Dog-Friendly, Cat-Friendly (of course), Chef-Friendly (Whaaaat?), Athlete-Friendly, Artist/God-Friendly (not shitting you). This is where I exit the wormhole, feel free to keep exploring by all means. The surface is just being scratched. There is a Coworking niche for almost everything and every demographic. If it's not yet in existence it's probably being dreamed up somewhere. I haven't even touched Co-Living yet.

This is an exciting time to see how the world of "remote work" is changing. Quotations added because it's my personal belief that the term will someday become as useless as Chopsticks at an ice cream bar as companies continue to decentralize their work-forces and the Freelance brigade grows. Perhaps soon there will be a Child-friendly, Pet-friendly Coworking space that plays overly loud electronica and caters to disorganized, Board Gaming, Disc Golf playing, potato chip eating Salespeople. Surely, it's coming.

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