It's All About the Start

I don't know how to write a blog post. There, that's out of the way. Now before you click away let me assure you that I have read many a blog and have made great efforts to ensure this virgin post is brief and entertaining.

"A good story should be like a Woman's skirt. Long enough to cover the important parts yet short enough to hold your interest."

- Someone of note

The idea for a CoWorking space in Tsawwassen came out of a dinner. Two strangers, myself and Rene happened to sit beside each other at a dinner our wives organized. At some point it came up that I work from home. Rene mentioned he did as well and that he knew of a building being vacated by that could serve as a CoWorking space. "Cool idea" I said. The conversation meandered until the check came and we all went home. Weeks later I contacted Rene and asked where the CoWorking project stood and if I could assist. He'd been busy with other things but reiterated that he would pick this back up and "yes" he would want help with the project.

Weeks later he set up a meeting with the building owner and we met a few times prior to that meeting to discuss what we would build. Funny given that we had not seen the place yet. We met with the building owner at 5565 15B Ave (current site of Inbox15b) and pitched the idea. Ron saw the potential right away and we three loosely formed a Triumvirate to launch a new CoWorking space in Tsawwassen.

The things that really sold me on this idea was that there were no services like this in Delta BC. at all. Given the amount of people living and working in Tsawwassen and Ladner, there had to be demand for this. Next, the space was almost perfect with open concept and natural light. It was easy to visualize how we would make it look even more inviting. Lastly was the fact that there are large economic forces driving the increased demand for CoWorking spaces. I believe this isn't going to reverse anytime soon and growth will continue. See below



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