It's All About the Learning. Want to learn crucial life and business skills for free?

One of the most overlooked benefits of starting a new venture is the opportunity to learn something new. You could start the most boring business in the world and still have to learn a slew of new, interesting and seemingly unrelated things that go into making it run. You know what makes it even better? It's free! Well, almost free.

Imagine you wanted to learn about Digital Marketing. You could enroll yourself in a course like SimpliLearns $1,450 Digital Marketing Course here or this $1,900 option from the American Marketing Association here. Surely, these are fantastic courses packed full of valuable content and you'd learn a lot. Alternatively....You could start a small business. Any business. It doesn't matter because pretty much the only way to attract customers anymore is through your online presence. So if you want customers you'll need to up your digital marketing game.

“People usually forget 90 percent of what they learn in a class within 30 days. And the majority of this forgetting occurs within the first few hours after class,” says John Medina, author of Brain Rules.

Nothing lights a fire under your ass like intense time pressure and very little money. In a previous life I owned a restaurant and was forced to learn how to frame, drywall, tile, upholster and repair small machinery. Not to mention all the other things one would think are involved in running a Restaurant. You learn because you have to. What's the best way to learn how to rebuild a wall? Tear down the old one. How about fixing an Espresso machine? Take the old one apart. You get the idea, you're left with no choice but to figure it out and figure it out well. By the way, the clock is ticking. We open in 2 hours!

Now trial by fire may not be everyone's cup of tea but believe you me. It works. It sucks when you're in it. It really sucks. Running a small business is really, really hard work. However there are payoffs of course. Learning valuable life and business skills on the job is just one of those payoffs.

These days running Inbox15b Coworking space presents it's own unique challenges. Now I'm tasked with in-depth learning of new things like how to build a community, SEO, Social media, Digital Marketing, Local Real Estate trends, interior design and the list is still growing.

I'm lucky to have learned all the things I have. Most of it's retained (which I'm amazed by) and nowadays I may not have to do everything myself but there is a certain level of satisfaction in knowing I could if I had to.



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